Welcome to my website called Electro Intellect. As you may of guessed from the name it involves some mixture of electronics, logic, and intellect. It is largely a mixture of my various interests many of which involve my love of technology and my enjoyment of business. I am constantly adding new things and pages which may be of use to you. You can always visit my News section to see quick summaries of some of my recent site updates.

So with the basic introduction out of the way lets see if I can point you in the right direction of where you want to go.

Perhaps you are here to find useful software for yourself, your business, or both? Yes? Awesome I got it on my first try, then I recommend visiting my Software section. My software section is split up into Personal Use and Commercial Use then sorted into various categories such as Security, General Use, etc. I also write some of my own programs and will upload some here in the very near future.


Not here for software? Alright lets continue then. Perhaps you are interested in some of the projects I am working on or finished? Yes? Second try isn't too bad either, then I recommend visiting my Projects section. The one currently being worked on is my Do-It-Yourself Cloud Server project. Here I am walking you through the various steps to build your on private cloud server! Right now its focusing on the hardware requirements but soon I will delve into the operating system portions.


Not here for either of those, lets continue then. I got it, perhaps you are just bored and need something entertaining to do? Yes? Well third time is the charm then I recommend visiting my virtual Arcade. I put some of my favorite free to play games that you can play right in your web browser for free.


None of those caught your attention? Well in that case I will tell you there are also many other parts of my website but I will let you discover them on your own. For hints you can hover over various menu items for a quick summary of what to expect, or even better just dive right in and find out on your own. So without further ado welcome to Electro Intellect and enjoy your stay!


I see you are interested in some of the projects I am working on and have finished. In that case this is the section for you!


I see you are looking for software for yourself, your business, or perhaps both. In that case this is the section for you!

Buy a Computer

I see you are more interested in finding yourself a different computer. In that case this is the section for you!


I see you that you may currently be bored and just want something to do. In that case this section is just for you!

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