Nest Protect (Gen 2) Remove Microphone Service

Nest Protect (Gen 2) Remove Microphone Service


Don’t like knowing Google could abuse the microphone in your Nest Protect? We will disassemble it, remove the microphone, and ship it back!

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This purchase requires you to ship me your Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Generation 2 and I will take it apart and remove the microphone from it. Note that this will void your warranty if it has one, and will cause it to always think the speaker has gone out if you do a test of the alarms. However you gain the peace of mind of knowing that Google, the current owner of Nest, cannot abuse that microphone once removed.

To have this fulfilled first create the purchase then we will send you an address to ship it to, you will have to pay the initial shipping then ship it to us and we will remove the microphone. Once that’s done we will reassemble your nest and send it back to you note that there might be some visible signs it was taken apart. We try not to scratch it when taking it apart but it does happen sometimes. Return shipping is included in purchase price. The microphone will be included in the return. Do not lose the microphone if you ever think you will need to have it reinserted.

This service will usually has a 1-3 Business Days turn around time, often closer to one unless we are backed up. We will provide a tracking number once it has been sent back.

You can test that we did in fact remove the microphone by testing your Nest Protect. It will give you an alert that the alarm cannot sound in whatever room you specified after it runs its test. This alert will never go away and it will inform you every time you try to test it and every time the lights go out it will show an orange alert on the nest protect for a few seconds. There is no way to disable that other then disabling the monthly test and not testing the microphone so the nest protect still thinks its still good. Once the microphone is removed there is no way to undo that notice unfortunately. The app shows the speaker and voice as not working if you click on the nest protect. You can manually verify it is working by testing the nest protect while you are in the room like the good old way of testing smoke alarms.

If you require the microphone added back in we can do it for the same price of removal just repurchase this item and inform us at checkout you want it reinstalled, you will be required to include the removed microphone we dont keep spares.

We do provide some discounts if you have more then one nest protect gen 2 that you want the microphone removed out of at the same time. Contact us for more details!


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