Goals for my Cloud Server

Planning before hand which features you require out of your cloud server can help you pinpoint your exact hardware needs, services to enable, cloud addons to enable, etc. So I would recommend making a basic list of what you want to accomplish with your private cloud.  I will list some of my original and new goals for my cloud server which may help you come up with your own list. You should write it down in such a way that it also becomes your checklist of features to add/enable later.

  • Must be accessible through the internet so I can access my files anywhere.
  • Must have a minimum of 2TB though 4TB is preferred.
  • Ability to be mapped as a network drive on windows desired.
  • Should use less electricity so there is no big spike in my power bill.
  • Should be able to fit out of the way on a shelf in my workshop.
  • Should have an uptime of 90% at minimum (which equates to a downtime of no more than about 75 minutes per month).
  • Should be able to handle usage spikes when I am transferring lots of files at the same time without major slow down.
  • Should have SSL support and good security without too much constant work.
  • Should have plugins to make it expandable with things such as being a media server for future projects.
  • Should require minimal maintenance to keep it working on a regular basis.
  • Should be reasonably quiet so as not to annoy me when working in my workshop.
  • Should not generate too much heat so no additional air conditioning is required.
  • Should be able to do basic upgrades such as more hard drives if needed.
  • Must have file redundancy to protect against a hard drive failing and taking all my files with it. I would like to store important backups on there as well.
  • Being able to link to my Dropbox™ and Google Drive™ services would be a huge plus.
  • Should be able to sync not only my desktops but mobile devices as well.
  • Should make checking system usage rather easy, especially with graphs.
  • Should be able to email me critical alerts so I know of issues without always having to login and check.
  • Should be easy to add and remove hard drives without lots of extra work.

Those were some of the basic goals, the additional goals can better be explained by what third party services I want to replace with my cloud system. It should be able to replace my dependence on cloud services like the following.

  • Cloud Drives such as: Dropbox™, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive™, Amazon CloudDrive™, etc.
  • Contact Sync such as: Google Contacts™ and iCloud Contacts™.
  • Calendar Sync such as: Google Calendar™ and iCloud Calendar™.
  • Task Sync such as: Google Tasks™ and iCloud Tasks™
  • Online Password Managers such as: LastPass™ and 1Password™.
  • Locally Installed Programs such as: Thunderbird™, Firefox™, GIMP™, Inkscape™, etc would all be a huge plus. I regularly use my main computer and the one in my shop so having my files and programs on both would save me time.
  • Cloud Computing such as: Amazon AWS EC2™, Google Cloud™, Mirosoft Asure™, etc. This one is not required but would be nice. I am going to make this one its own project series in the near future so the virtual machines higher resource usage doesn't interfere with my cloud services.

This list is most of the goals I want my server to replace completely or reduce third party dependency. Now we should move on to the budget aspect.

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