Congratulations you have discovered a hidden area!




















What will your prize be?




















It may be something fantastic!




















It may be something you always wanted!




















Your prize is...




























































FOR ME!!! =D




















Actually your real prize is...




















wait for it...





















A bunch of ads!




















It took me all night to get you your prize!





















I know its such a great prize.




















Just what you always wanted I am sure!




















Oh no it was no trouble at all!






















You are quite welcome!














































But seriously this page is not really meant to be viewed so good job finding it. This is just where I test the ads to make sure they work, their weight frequency (each ad gets a weight to make it show more or less often), loading speeds (I don't want my site loading to be horrible because of ads), annoyance factor (I really hate flashing ads and quickly block them), relevance (I tend to block ads that have absolutely nothing to do with my website), content (there are certain categories of ads I hate seeing and most my viewers as well), etc.

At some point if there is enough demand I will make a pateron or other donation option that will give you ad free browsing as long as your signed in. I wouldn't mind not having to rely on ads as they tend to be distracting. Anyway feel free to contact me about it if you are interested.

Stay curious friend!

Maybe you can find other secret areas???