2 sets of 4x Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminum Heat Sinks Kit Self-Adhesive (8 Heatsinks)


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This is a set of two Brand New Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsinks with 4 pieces each (8 heatsinks in total) for all the main circuits that get hot on the Raspberry Pi 4. It greatly helps increase the heat dissipation and decrease the operating temperature of your Raspberry Pi. To make it even more effective add any sort of small fan and it will reduce the heat even greater. See the last picture for an example of it applied on a Raspberry Pi 4B. It does not matter if you get the 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB version these heatsinks will work great! They also have a self-adhesive so you just simply pull off the blue cover as seen in picture 2 and then apply it to the Raspberry Pi!

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